Crown Thistle Collie named Laddie who appeared on Animal Planet
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Crown Thistle Guardian Foster Program

Our holistic dog breeding program ensures the well-being of every Collie we own. Our dogs are each loved, worked with, treated and considered as the important individuals that they are. For this reason, we maintain a Guardianship Foster Program through which qualified families or individuals may be placed with one of our breeding quality Collies, at a greatly reduced cost. We retain full breeding rights to this dog for a limited amount of time, after which, said Collie dog is altered and remains with their forever home with no further attachments.
  • If you live within 2 hours of Harrisville, Michigan.
  • If you own your own home with a fenced yard.
  • If you have the personal circumstances to be able to care for (and house indoors) a large breed dog that sheds (moderate to heavy) and needs regular grooming care.
  • If, meeting the above requirements, you would like to be considered for this program, contact us for more information and possible application. This is a wonderful opportunity to own one of the most beautiful and classic pure-bred dogs of all time; one with a rich history of legendary loyalty, ability and fame!

    NOTE: We only allow 2 dogs per Collie Foster Guardian home.