Crown Thistle Collies are strikingly beautiful
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Harrisville, Michigan - (USA)

Crown Thistle Collies at Quaker Farm were featured on Animal Planet!

Crown Thistle Policies

As Michigan Rough Collie breeders, we take pride in breeding stylish rough Collies of classic beauty and superior intelligence. Our Collie puppies are affectionate, big hearted, trustworthy friends and companions. Our breeding program features a carefully screened selection of sound working Collies of US and European bloodlines with vast potential for training and learning ability. We have only a few Collie litters per year which are planned to improve the Collie breed and preserve the next generation of our blood lines.

Our Collie pups are highly socialized in a positive and educational setting that brings out the best of the breeds famous personality.

All of our Collies are esteemed family members. Our dogs are born and raised in a stress-free/cruelty free environment. Each birth occurs in-home with our love, support and careful but non-invasive oversight.

We handle and interact with each Collie puppy right from the very start. As they mature, we provide an enriching daily routine which is an important aid in the mental development and future training of a young pup. Our non-traumatizing weaning technique is a unique speciality of Crown Thistle that helps ensure a balanced and well adjusted puppy.

Every puppy is on a speciality diet of high quality whole foods that includes farm fresh eggs, fresh goat milk and fresh cooked lamb and chevon. This takes a great deal of extra time and consideration but we firmly believe that excellent early nutrition makes a vitally important contribution to the adult health and longevity of each Collie pup and that makes it all worth while! Our pups are wormed and vaccinated and go home with a complete health record. By 8 to 10 weeks of age, each pup is physically and emotionally ready to join its new family!

Our intent as Collie breeders is to raise superb quality puppies with excellent backgrounds and pet potential for families seeking a superior, loving Collie family member.

In a sincere effort to ensure the future happiness of every puppy we sell, I want to personally meet all buyers. The application process is a simple and friendly interview with each potential new owner that enables both you and I to get to know each other. We love our dogs very much and it is important that each puppy is promised a future of loving care in an excellent home. Our goal is to provide families with an opportunity to own an excellent and affordable Collie.

We DO NOT and absolutely WILL NOT ever knowingly sell our Collie puppies or adults to puppy mills or brokers. Crown Thistle puppies are sold only to families and individuals.

We provide you with detailed information about both the Dam and Sire of your puppy including photo by request. We encourage you to meet the Dam & Sire of the puppy you choose.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Crown Thistle, buyers are expected to spay or neuter their pup by 6 months, or as soon as possible thereafter as recommended by a licensed Veterinarian. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation of any health guarantee.

Collie pups are evaluated for placement at the breeders discretion which is based on experience and thorough evaluation of each individual pup. This is usually by 8 weeks.

Collie Puppy Information

Our puppy prices are reasonable and fair. We sell high quality, healthy, vigorous puppies from generations of our own well bred, intelligent, and strikingly beautiful dogs. Each Collie puppy is carefully evaluated and priced accordingly. Please refer to the descriptions below and call us by phone for more information.

We are accepting deposits now.

A healthy, intelligent, affectionate and pretty puppy. 8 weeks old, training started. Call for price.Visit the Collie Puppy Nursery page to see what is available.

A puppy that is structurally sound, has great physical stamina and shows an eagerness and sustained interest in retrieving, gathering, climbing, and other structured activities. Call for availability and price.

A pup that has graduated from our kindergarten and basic obedience programs. House trained and basic commands. 3 - months old, Started pups are extremely popular. Currently not available, we are booked into 2018.

Let us do the work for you! Our finished Collies are trained older pups, 6 months old. Excellent choice for companion or therapy work. Our finished collies are extremely popular! Currently not available, we are booked into 2018.

For over 2 decades, we have trained service dogs for successfull partenerships with individuals needing mobility support, wheelchair assistance, PTSD support, children with Autism, and more. Application required. Please inquire.

A pup that is mentally and physically sound and structurally correct and strong, conforming to the Collie US breed standard and has the potential to produce quality offspring. Breeding Collies are rarely sold and only in partnership with Crown Thistle Collies. Please call for more information.

Occasionally we retire one of our special mothers or stud dogs and we offer these exceptional Collies a life of leisure retirement with loving, full-time families. Please inquire.

Limited, escorted shipping is available throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally for an extra fee based on location. Air travel can also be arranged. We prefer for you to meet us at the airport. Please contact us for more information.

If you are considering a Collie DOG for yourself, your family or your farm, please give us a call to discuss availability and details, and if possible, arrange for a visit. Please be mindful that visits are arranged by appointment only.

Thank you for your interest in Crown Thistle Collies. We look forward to helping you find a beautiful Collie dog for your next family member! Available Pups

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to the Crown Thistle Family!

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