Crown Thistle Collie named Laddie who appeared on Animal Planet
Harrisville, Michigan - (USA)

Our Collies were featured on Animal Planet!
Crown Thistle Collie puppies include U.S. and 100% European Bloodlines
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Meet Our Dogs

At Crown Thistle Collies, we take great pride in breeding superior quality, rough coated, farm raised Collie dogs that make exceptional pets and faithful family companions. Crown Thistle Collies are renown for outstanding social character, easy trainability and quiet, gentle confidence. Our Collies absolutely excel in versatility programs and we have many special Collie dogs in therapy training programs around the country which include mobility support and companionship for children and adults with autism.

Our ideal far exceeds the norm. We firmly believe that personality potential is the direct outcome of very careful breedings (high aptitude evaluations a must), genetic diversity, early Collie puppy imprinting and positive puppy pre-school training. Our results are unsurpassed and each of the Collie dogs we breed produces pups that exemplify the beauty, style and traditional elegance that is the hallmark of Crown Thistle Collies. As such, allow us to introduce to you some of the rare jewels, the amazing Collies of Crown Thistle at Quaker Farm!

Lassie is a joyful, tender, deeply nuturing mother to her pups.

Crown Thistles Lassie (100% European) Crown Thistle Collies - Lassie & Cam, Rough Collies, Harrisville Michigan, Alcona County
Lassie (shown left and above) exemplifies the sweet nature of the classic Collie and she is extremely gentle and trustworthy with with children. She has a soothing and generous demeanor that people find relaxing.

Lassie has a high task comprehension level. She is very social and easy-going with strangers and is a non-barker. Lassie is an exceptional therapy and emotional support companion dog. Lassie is also an exceptional mother with deep, tender nurturing instincts. She has a very nice, thick, long rough coat and her Task Comprehension rating is 4 repetitions. Lassie was featured on Animal Planet for the herding demonstration and as a reading dog for children. Lassie is also featured in an online children's story series about life on a farm at Quaker Hill Farm, "Lassie Saves a Lamb, the Story of Orphan Annie.

Crown Thistle's Willow (50% European) Crown Thistle Collies - Willow, Rough Collies, Harrisville Michigan, Alcona County, northern Michigan
My companion and singing partner, she is the warm hearted Lady of the house with a charming sense of humor! Willow demonstrates extraordinary abilities in herding and participates in evening livestock round-ups here at the farm. She is nobel, confident, outgoing and exceptionally intelligent. She has a beautiful, non-matting, heavy rough coat. Willow is trained as a Search & Rescue canine for the Alcona County Mounted Search & Rescue Posse. She rates at 4 to 5 repetitions for Task Comprehension.

Willow and I sing a duet together, "How Much is that Doggie in the Window"! Willow was featured on Animal Planet for the herding demonstration, dog nutrition, versatility demonstration and more on Dogs 101. Willow is also featured in the online children's story series about life on a farm at Quaker Farm, "Lassie Saves a Lamb, the Story of Orphan Annie.

Crown Thistles Skye Lark (100% American)
Crown Thistle Collies - Skye, Rough Collies, Harrisville Michigan, Alcona County, northern Michigan
Skye is a stunning Sable faced white rough Collie. She has an outstandingly calm, non-barking nature and is a wonderful friend of children! Skye is a frequent participant in public demonstrations and enjoys working in a wide variety of settings as both a demonstration dog and a visiting therapy dog.

Skye's Task Comprehension Rating is 4 repetitions.

Skye's Memory of Quaker Farm (50% European)
Memory of Quaker Farm, Collie

Memory was born of a Skye and Jesco (see Jesco below) breeding. She is as gentle and as quiet as her mother Skye, and as regal as her sire. Her rough coat is thick and lovely. Memory is dependable, self-assured, and thoughtful. Because of her elegant and self-contained nature, while in the house, one would never get the least notion that she is as capable on the field herding as she is.

Memory is always intently willing to listen and do what is needing to be done. And at the end of any day, no matter how long that working day may have been, Memory is most content to simply lie down upon the feet of someone she loves. That is lovely for we adults in winter, however, for our youngest grandchildren it can be a bit overwhelming to be enveloped in a thick cloud of silky-soft fur when Memory decides to curl herself around a toddler with doting affection!

Crown Thistles King Arthur (100% American)
Crown Thistle Collies - King Arthur, Rough Collie dog

Our proud and noble senior sire - a true friend and joyful comrade! King plays an important role at our farm. In the great tradition of his highland ancestors, King is guardian to our herd of Saanen & Oberhasli dairy goats. He loves his life as a true working, herding farm Collie and meets his duties with pride and enthusiasm! He can often be found proudly overseeing his flock and trying to maintain regal dignity while baby goats climb up on him and jump off! His dependable, gentle nature and enduring patience with the antics of youngsters is remarkable! He has a beautiful, heavy rough coat.

King's Task Comprehension level is 4 - to 5 repetitions.

"Jesco" (100% European)
Crown Thistle Collies, Jesco, Rough Collies, Harrisville Michigan, Alcona County, northern Michigan

Jesco is one of our gorgeous sires from Germany. Pictured here at just over a year old.

His babies are everything we hoped for in our breeding program. Jesco is very quiet and has a self secure nature. He enjoys quietly keeping the company of his family. He loves learning new commands and is trained for tasks in both German and English; a bi-lingual Rough Collie!

Jesco has a thick, long rough coat of exceptionally quality. In some places it measures over 13 inches.

He has a fantastic herding instinct and often works the herds here on the farm. His Task Comprehension Rating is 4 to 5 repetitions.

Crown Thistle Collies, Jesco, Rough Collies, Harrisville Michigan, Alcona County, northern Michigan

This is Jesco, the dog above, as a puppy.

Crown Thistle's O Danny Boy (100% European)
Crown Thistle Collies,
Danny Boy, Rough Collie, Michigan

Fast, strong and very able, Danny is a "one-in-a-million" sire with a stunning rough coat. He has a calm, charming demeanour that makes you feel special just to be in his company. He was completely house trained by 9 weeks old and leash trained by 10 weeks, mastering the commands "sit", "stay" and "come" at the same age. Due to his willing nature and keen steadiness, Danny is trained for Canine Search and Rescue, crisis relief and visiting therapy dog.

Danny is pictured here shortly after being filmed for Animal Planet. His amazing coat measures 13".

Crown Thistle Collies,
Danny Boy, Rough Collie, Michigan

This is a picture of Danny (the dog above) when he was a puppy.

Crown Thistle's Stormy Blu of Quaker Farm (100% American)
Crown Thistle Collies Stormy Blue

Stormy is a rare and precious gem. She is steady minded, intelligent, confident, calm, careful and willing. Stormy is one of our full time livestock guardians and herding dogs, and she does her jobs effortlessly and well. The sheep and dairy goats are quick to comply with her direction, they know better than to be contrary - she manages them so smartly.

Stormy was the first blue merle Collie that we ever worked into our breeding program. Blue merle was never a color that we sought for color sake because we think that being smart and capable is far more important than being fashionably colored. However, Stormy displayed so much early promise (which proved itself as she matured) that we decided to use her and we are really glad we have - her puppies are truly amazing.

Stormy is one of the many Collie dogs here who make life on the farm manageable and we are keenly aware of - and deeply, deeply grateful for - the value of their dependable agricultural work and vast contribution to the well being of our lives in so very many ways.

Crown Thistle Collies Stormy Blue

Stormy's puppies out of our European sire are just as smart and easy tempered as their parents. We have one of Stormy's daughters (Tori below) who is a promising, if not somewhat of a remarkable "over-achiever" who keeps us on our toes.

Stormy is being trained under harness for mobility assistance work which she will no doubt excel at as she does everything else.

Crown Thistle's Tori-Adorable of Quaker Farm    (50% European)
Blue merle Collie, Michigan Collies
Blue merle Collies, Michigan Collie Pictured here at 7 months old, Tori is the image of her mother Stormy Blu. As brilliant and willing as her parents, Tori was leash, crate, house, stair, ramp and car trained by 10 weeks old. There are no tasks that daunt Tori, and she is "adorable" at everything she does! She is a clever girl with a winning personality; she turns heads where ever she goes and loves everyone she meets.

She learns very quickly and problem solves like a genius. Her brilliance has been amazing to work with though at times a real challenge to harness. She was nearly 7 months old and just over 35 pounds before she finally out grew her ability to wiggle her way through the 6" x 8" squares of strong livestock panel fencing - a contortionist feat if ever there was one. Her slow, careful, deliberate and determined technique was amazing to watch as her preoccupation with the feat continued long after she appeared to have grown far to big to accomplish it. Family and friends who saw her manage this seemingly impossible task were speechless with amazement. Tori never wanted to go anywhere in particular beyond that fence, just to the other side where she would then stand in triumph and glow at her accomplishment, always looking for approval for being so marvelous, and who could deny her?!

Her many talents and focused sense of sheer determination make her a serious candidate for search and rescue training as an adult. She will be a wonder to work with and we look forward to it. For now, as she blooms and grows into adulthood, Tori contents herself with "the taunting of the cats" (who give as good as they get!), and keeping the company of the baby lambs whom she loves. She especially enjoys her regular weekend travels and overnight stays with her "foster mom" who assists with her training.

Crown Thistle's Scotch Tartan Legend
Collie dog Scotch Tartan Legend

Crown Thistle's
Scotch Tartan Legend

Scotch Tartan Legend (a.k.a., "Scotty") is a hard working, courageous and highly capable working dog at our farm. He has a strong drive and is very focused on team work with us when out in the fields. His most earnest desire is to be pleasing and to do a good job, and he absolutely relishes the praise of a job well done.

Scotty is full of big-hearted character, cheerful charisma, and he has a cheeky sense of humor. He loves children, farm animals, and cats - though the cats do not have mutually affectionate feelings towards him or his attentions! His favorite toys are frisbees and rope toys and our big tug ball. His favorite way to relax is to get a complete back scratch followed by a body massage - which he only considers finished when he finally dozes off!!

Though Scotty is purposeful when working with us out doors, he is very laid back when he is in the house.

Crown Thistle's
Moher Cliffs Murphy

75% European
Tri Color Collie Murphy

A little bit about Murphy. Murphy is very special to us for many reasons, not the least of which is because he is the grandson of our famously talented Willow, who was filmed working at Quaker Farm for Animal Planet. Murphy is steady, focused gentle, strong, and an enthusiastic people-partner who seldom ever barks - unless there is something important that he feels we need to know. Murphy is so reliable, that he is highly trusted everywhere he goes.


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