Crown Thistle Collie named Laddie who appeared on Animal Planet
Harrisville, Michigan - (USA)

Our Collies were featured on Animal Planet!
Crown Thistle Collie puppies include U.S. and 100% European Bloodlines
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Delivery Information

We do not to ship our puppies without an escort, and we never have. We've never supported the sale and shipment of a dog or a puppy sight unseen. I feel that there are certain distinct dangers shipping a young puppy through the airlines unescorted by someone who loves and personally cares about them and who can promptly attend to their physical and emotional needs during their homebound journey. We do not ever want our puppies treated like cargo, and we want to personally meet with you.

Fortunately for puppies everywhere, the USDA changed the Animal Welfare Act and as of November 18 2013, dogs and puppies are no longer allowed to be shipped to a purchaser “sight unseen”.

The purchase of a dog or puppy is a very serious matter, and your concern to ensure the well-being of a dog or puppy begins on adoption day.

We are deeply honored by the fact that our clients are willing and eager to do what it takes to prepare travel arrangements which make the transitional comfort of their newly adopted Collie puppy a top priority. People travel to personally meet us and adopt their puppy from throughout the United States, and around the world. Such commitment is very heartwarming!

For those unable to travel all the way here, we have always offered our buyers 2 custom deliver options:

We can arrange meet you at a major Michigan Airport (Saginaw, Flint or Detroit) and personally deliver a puppy to you. We charge a fee to cover our travel expenses.

We also arrange delivery at other locations besides those noted below if you are driving from out of town or state. Please call for more information and a price quote.
Saginaw, Michigan (Tri-Cities Airport)
Flint, Michigan (Bishop Airport)
Detroit, Michigan (Detroit International Airport)

We will personally escort and deliver your pup to you.
This delivery arrangement can be made via air or ground. Costs will vary.

We are happy to make delivery arrangements with you and our puppy prices are reasonable enough to make these options feasible. Please note that there will be a few extra expenses for you to consider so contact us by phone for more information.

We apologize for the inconvenience of our limited shipping policy but our puppies mean a great deal to us and their well-being is of utmost importance.

Thank you for your understanding!